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Obama; Support Spain's War Crime Tribunal on Torture! (tags)

The violation of the Geneva Conventions by several Bush administration officials for their role in torture need to be transported to Spain to stand trial. Will Obama help or hinder in this effort?

The Breakdown of a Lie (tags)


President Caught In Another Lie. (tags)

This is just one more example of president Bush hiding one lie behind another

Ex-Official: Evidence Distorted for War (tags)

The Bush administration distorted intelligence and presented conjecture as evidence to justify a U.S. invasion of Iraq, according to a retired intelligence official who served during the months before the war.

SHOCKING REVELATIONS: US Government, Not Terrorists, Picked 9-11 Date (tags)

From the start, the Bush Administration has insisted that anything like the 'planes-as-weapons' scenario of 9-11 was 'unthinkable' before 9-11. That's a HUGE LIE!! On Sept. 11, 2001 they had a brand new counter-terror emergency response plan in place at the Pentagon for exactly that scenario, and had a counter-terror 'wargame' set to begin on exactly that scenario that very morning in the nation's capitol.

us govt not hijackers 'chose' the date of 9-11 attacks (tags)

by barbara honneger

CIA Director Tenet's Commencement Speech (tags)

This piece provides a look at the struggle for justice which is faced, not only against explotational business/government policies, but against the very infrastructure enforcing their wishes. It may be interesting to note the Langley High School nickname is "Saxons". We aren't finished fighting the British yet folks, at least the selfish Protestant variety.

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