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G8 Japan "Way to Hokkaido 1 - Landing and IRA" (tags)

The G8 counter-summit is about to start. The anti-capitalist group Global Action is in Japan to participate and report on the evolution of resistance.

Resistencia en Atenco (Mexico) (tags)

Documental sobre la Resistencia del Pueblo Indígena de Atenco.

Anticapitalist video: Memory, Dignity And Struggle (tags)

The Spanish “Transition to democracy” was simply a way to fortify the capitalist economic model. With such Transition, the Spanish dominant class eliminated all sort of social resistance and opened the way for business; they made a Francoism without Franco and presented the Transition as a triumph of the people. It was a history written by the owners of money and their fascist sentries. But Memory, Dignity and Struggle continue

[Video-crónica] Madrid: Manifestación por la III República (tags)

Miles de personas en la manifestación del 22 de abril en Madrid. Video, fotos, texto y musica por el colectivo La Plataforma (2006)

No pueden comprar algo que no se vende/Hip Hop Piquetero (tags)

Cuando el Banco Mundial habla de inversiones sabemos muy bien a qué se refiere.

Mujeres en lucha/Hip Hop Piquetero (tags)

Reportaje sonoro sobre la lucha de la mujer. Por ((i)) Argentina &La Plataforma. Reportajes por ((i)) Musica y scrachs por La Plataforma

La resistencia de los pueblos/Hip Hop piquetero (tags)

The platform: Bombos&cajas(la resistencia de los pueblos) Mp3:3:29

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