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Gore received MINUS 16,022 Votes in Volusia County (tags)

Diebold Voting Machines in Volusia County, Florida, Tallied a Vote-Count of -16,022. That's NEGATIVE 16,022: When will this all-important story break out in the US mainstream press? When will the Democrats confront the issue? What is at stake here is the future of democracy.

Diebold Voting Machines: We Guarantee the Outcome! (tags)

In the November 2002 election, heavily favored Democrat Roy Barnes outspent his Republican opponent, Sonny Perdue, six to one. Diebold's AccuVote, with its patented paperless, virtually unauditable system, helped Perdue pull an upset victory and become the first Republican governor of Georgia in 130 years. If you're an underdog and a Republican, let us do the same thing for you.

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