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la police

Théodore dit Théo, violé par la police (tags)

Flics, fascistes, assassins...

Théodore dit Théo, violé par la police (tags)

La police du capital est au service du capital...

arrests at Ambassade Universelle (tags)

arrests at Ambassade Universelle

LA Police Resistance to Respectful Language towards Transgenders (tags)

A December 15 Los Angeles Times article quotes LA Police as being resistant to use "she" pronoun when adressing male-to-female trnasgenders, and to department directive to conduct survey of racial profiling stops.

LA Police Diary c/o Conservative Mag. (tags)

The National Review, "America's Premier Conservative Website," publishes "Among the Lunatics, Part I - An undercover cop's Democratic convention diary."

Monitor L.A. Police (tags)

Monitor the LAPD by scanner

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