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UK Democracy in Terminal Decline (tags)


Ecosocialist Meeting Report (tags)

More than 60 activists from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States belonging to various political parties and ecological movements took part in this meeting.

UK online review (tags)

UK online Centers found full of holes 25% had no contact email address and 1 in 4 that did were returned undeliverable.

UK Guardian & The Nation Articles about LA Strike (tags)

UK GUARDIAN ARTICLE Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles Saturday November 29, 2003 US Shoppers Join Counter Revolution "Benefits battle could be one of most critical strikes in American labour history.",3604,1095707,00.html THE NATION ARTICLE A Watershed Strike by Kelly Candaele & Peter Dreier "The strike of 70,000 Southern California retail food workers, which started on October 11, may be the first in a series of battles that could ultimately shape the future of labor-management relations throughout the United States."

International Campaign to support Worker Communist Party of Iraq (tags)

International Campaign to support Worker Communist Party of Iraq

US & UK Air Force attak Irak (tags)

US & UK Air Force attak Irak

WorldWire: Global Issues Daily Headlines, Aug. 9th (tags)

Top news headlines on global issues, from WorldWire, for Friday, Aug. 9th

US & UK: Topsy-turvy standards of evidence (tags)

US & UK leaders would have us believe that they must make military strikes against Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan because they do not have enough evidence to bring him to trial. It’s a strange new topsy-turvy world of justice that flies in the face of common sense, where the standard of evidence is higher for taking criminals to trial, but lower if you just want to bomb them.

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