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Sacking NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson (tags)


Media Prostitutes Defend the Indefensible (tags)


Washington's Dirty Game in Ukraine (tags)


Mandela Eulogies: Reinventing His Disturbing Legacy (tags)


Former NYT Executive Editor Defends the Indefensible (tags)


Russia Bashing Redux (tags)


Trafficking in Lies about Syria (tags)


UN Human Rights Council Duplicity (tags)


New York Times Pro-Israeli Bias (tags)


Asking the Wrong Questions About War (tags)


Israeli Settlements: An Obstacle to Peace (tags)


America's Media War on OWS (tags)


Palestine's Rocky Road to Statehood (tags)


The New York Times Again Censoring WikiLeaks (tags)

willful New York Times censorship

Damage Control: Downplaying WikiLeaks Revelations (tags)

spin can't hide the importance of WikiLeaks documents

The Bush Administration's Dual Loyalties (tags)

Since the long-forgotten days when the State Department's Middle East policy was run by a group of so-called Arabists, U.S. policy on Israel and the Arab world has increasingly become the purview of officials well known for tilting toward Israel. From the 1920s roughly to 1990, Arabists, who had a personal history and an educational background in the Arab world and were accused by supporters of Israel of being totally biased toward Arab interests, held sway at the State Department and, despite having limited power in the policymaking circles of any administration, helped maintain some semblance of U.S. balance by keeping policy from tipping over totally toward Israel. But Arabists have been steadily replaced by their exact opposites, what some observers are calling Israelists, and policymaking circles throughout government now no longer even make a pretense of exhibiting balance between Israeli and Arab, particularly Palestinian, interests.

Time to Dump Bush and Keller (tags)

As an editor, holding a story is as biased and manipulative of public opinion as running one. No credible, honest journalist can make those decisions. If you've got it, you have to run it, and the Times' Keller failed that basic test, proving he's nothing but an administration shill.

Still Hiding the Bush Bulge (tags)

Spiking of a story about the Bush bulge is an “internal matter,” a Pasadena paper says. -------------

The War Plan (tags)

Needless to say, the Democrats have no actual plan of their own, unless "surrender" counts as a plan.

The silence in America concerning Jews is simply deafening (tags)

"The silence in America concerning Jews is simply deafening, isn't it?

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