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palestinian national council

Israel Palestinian Facts up to 1993 (tags)

Israel Arabs applies to Paltinians that did not leave the lands controlled by Israel after the 1948 war. At the time of the 1st census this amount was 156,000 Israel Arabs in November 1948 18 % of the population that rose to 973,000 in 1993

Sweden Recognizes Palestinian Statehood (tags)


Palestine to Join 15 UN Bodies and Treaties (tags)


International Law Revisionism (tags)


Prospects for May Palestinian Elections (tags)


Israeli Settlements: An Obstacle to Peace (tags)


Netanyahu Rejects Peace (tags)


Follow-Up Comments on Palestinian Statehood Vote (tags)

Palestinian statehood

General Assembly Palestinian Statehood Vote (tags)


Palestinian Divisions on Statehood (tags)


Revolutionary Middle East Change (tags)

sweeping change

Hamas' Israeli Roots (tags)

Since coming to power, Sharon has done everything to ensure the collapse of Arafat and the Palestinian Authority. If successful, it would either bring Hamas to power or lead to political chaos within the terrorities.

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