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year award

Another Israeli War Criminal of the Year Award (tags)

police state

On the Stupidity of being Marrisa (tags)

Yahoo is banning telecommuting.

Israel's War Criminal of the Year Award (tags)


Israel's Racist of the Year Award (tags)


Time Protestor Person of the Year (tags)

Even if editorial staff at Time magazine dubbed “the Protestor” as this year’s “Person-of-the-Year” doesn’t necessarily mean people at the Time, or it’s backstage managers, has garnered much appreciation or respect for “personhood” of the average outspoken dissenter. Likely they surveyed the landscape and realized the inevitable conclusion—2011 has had a lot of ubiquitous protestation around the world. So then an inevitable conclusion became refreshingly obvious—popular dissent is here all over as many status quos are being challenged.

Watch Hillary Clinton Vehemently Vow to Raise Taxes and Vote for War (tags)

A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

UFOetry recieves "Music Video of the Year Award (tags)

"We Never Went to the Moon" directed by John Lee recieve the award for "Music Video of the Year" at the 15th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards.

Freedom For Leonard Peltier (tags)

Fasting In Solidarity

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