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Netanyahu Says He'll "Live Forever by the Sword" (tags)


Israel Denies 1,500 Sick Palestinian Prisoners Medical Care (tags)


Israel Denies Medications for Palestinian Prisoners (tags)


Israeli State Terror Targets Palestinian Lawmaker Khalida Jarrar (tags)


Medical Neglect in Israel's Gulag (tags)


Appalling Israeli Treatment of Palestinian Prisoners (tags)


Turkey is training ISIS / Islamic State (tags)

US ally Turkey hosts an ISIS training base, human rights groups demand its closure.

Mass Hunger Striking for Justice (tags)


America and Israel Wage War on Humanity (tags)


BTL:Jailed Palestinian Hunger Strikers Win Concessions from Israelis on Improved Prison Co (tags)

Interview with Saher Francis, human rights lawyer and director of Addameer, a prisoner support and human rights association based in the West Bank, conducted by Melinda Tuhus

Palestinian Oppression: Official Israeli Policy (tags)


Khader Adnan's Heroic Struggle for Justice (tags)


Israeli Political Prisoner Khader Adnan Near Death (tags)


Walid Hanatsheh: Palestinian Prisoner of Conscience (tags)


Khader Adnan Mohammad Musa: Israeli Prisoner of Conscience (tags)


Ugly Israeli Realities Emerge (tags)


Israeli-Style Justice (tags)

police state

Palestinians Protest Israeli Prison Hell (tags)


Repression in Israel and Bahrain (tags)

police state

Israel's Lawless Arrest of Ahmad (tags)


Commemorating Palestinian Political Prisoners (tags)


Salah Hamouri: One of Thousands of Israeli Political Prisoners (tags)


Israel's Barbaric Solitary Confinement (tags)

same as torture

Israel's Persecution of Ameer Makhoul (tags)

a prominent Israeli political prisoner

Imprisoning Palestinian Women (tags)

Israel treats men, women and children the same way

Palestinian Political Prisoners (tags)

bogusly accused Palestinians

Arresting Peaceful Protesters in Occupied Palestine (tags)

Israeli oppression continues

How Israel Targets and Suppresses Opposition to Its Annexation Wall (tags)

Israel attacks non-violent demonstrators

Problems Defending Palestinians in Israeli Courts (tags)

justice for Palestinians is a nonstarter

Beytushebab Massacre: Lies and Crimes of Turkish Militarists (tags)

On September 29th, Turkish news agencies informed the Turkish and world public about a so-called PKK attack in which 12 people of Kurdish origin (7 of whom were Village Guards working for the “security” forces) were said to have lost their lives. They were mowed down in their minibus near the village of Hemkan attached to Beytushebab town of Shirnak province neighboring Iraq.

How Israel failed its Arab citizens before, during and after war (tags)

After the war, the Education Ministry hired extra psychologists to work with Jewish children and issued counsellors with special kits on how to identify and deal with post-traumatic disorders. The same services were not offered in Arab communities. The Ministry said it could not hire Arab psychologists because there were not enough qualified candidates among the Arab population.

How Human Rights Watch Lost Its Way in Lebanon: The Israel Lobby Works Its Magic, Again (tags)

This sophistry is fooling no one, least of all, of course, Israel's apologists. They will keep up their relentless defamation of an organisation like Human Rights Watch as long as Israel comes under its scrutiny. By trying to appease them, our human rights champions damage only themselves and those they should be seeking to protect.

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