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Open letter to Brit Tzedek (tags)

The Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace

Should the Irish be Trusting the Brits? (tags)

The Irish people want peace, with justice, in the Brit-occupied Six Counties of N. Ireland. This is why, in 1998, they voted for the “Good Friday Agreement” (GFA), a formula for power sharing. At an Irish peace forum on 11/18/05, at Georgetown U., panelists debated the GFA. They all seem to agree the now-suspended Six County “Assembly,” had to be restored in order to make any additional progress. However, many other issues, like building trust, remain.

Wrong Brit Finds Harvey Weinstein (tags)

Little pink book "Looking For Harvey Weinstein" causes problems for the out of the box, pot smoking, alternative Hollywood agents, Veracity Management and co-authors, Holly and Shirley Yanez.

To Brit Hume, With Love (tags)

Brit Hume is a right wing idiot who hosted a show on Fox News, the network for right wing idiots, about the Florida debacle. It was lame. So I shared my feelings with him, and now, I share them with you. Enjoy.

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