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Russia Blasts Increased NATO Provocations (tags)


Is Washington Planning Barbarossa II? (tags)


Russians and Chinese Laugh (tags)

Bailing out speculators is like protecting the sharks from the sardines.or paying the robbers. Executives should absorb their losses by taking a 96% pay cut. Speculation should be discouraged, not rewarded. The Capitol switchboard is easy and free 800-270-0309

2007 Global Marijuana March (tags)

2007 Global Marijuana March Support the BC3   Please help us promote GMM 2007 Saturday, May 5th 2007 226 cities have signed up

US led attack set for Feb - Russia's Interfax News (tags)

Interfax news agency says the U.S. has decided to proceed with a military campaign in Iraq that would begin in mid-February.

Irak News (tags)

Russia sendes in the Gulf antisubmarine ships.

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