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Ed’s Aren't As Powerful As You Might Think They Are (tags)

When I was a student at the University of Connecticut between the years of 2003 and 2006 I had the opportunity to view an aspect of the way our tax dollars get spent up close and personal. I saw this, though I wasn't meant to, and the way things were to unfold, there certainly couldn't have been any script, none that got adhered to anyway. Like anyone else, I got upset about certain things I was to see with regards to where my tax dollars went from time to time if I saw something on the news. Up until that point though, it was never enough to pinpoint one specific thing and connect it to tax dollars. But while at the University of Connecticut, I learned just how our dollars can be burned up uselessly without a care and how people on the taxpayer dime can take advantage of the system, responsibility, position and money they've been granted.

You can't get a medical marijuana license with out a government issued photo ID (tags)

The government tyrants in Arizona won't let sick people get treatment unless they have an Arizona Drivers License or an Arizona Identification card. Heil Hitler the police state is here.

TSA is an American word that means Gestapo in German. (tags)

The TSA and Homeland Security Police thugs are patrolling the Valley Metro Light rail trains during the All Star Games in Phoenix. When I got on the train this morning I felt like I was in Nazi Germany

This is how we (could) pray (tags)

On Tuesday December 11, 2007, I joined in a community effort to welcome and support a coalition of Native American Nations and environmental justice groups in their ongoing effort to defend Arizona's San Francisco Peaks from proposed ski area development.

spacebrain gets it right for once (tags)

I'm Mihoshi Kuramitsu, Number One Space detective in the GalaxyPolice! it's my assignemt to watch the Earth and make sure nothing really bad happens there. I heard about these guys that are in an Evil Brotherhood and believe me, i smell something fishy, it's fishy smelling and it smells like burning fish.

Be Afraid: Scared of Political Controversy at the Local Library (tags)

Farenheit 451 arrives. Ashcroft is intimidating political protesters with FBI agents; He’s already scared some local librarians about presenting authors of controversial books.

Carbon Sequestration. (tags)

Now what is carbon sequestration and why do we need to know about it? As Senator Pat Roberts says “Agriculture can answer the challenge of climate change while feeding a troubled and hungry world.”

Kucinich Is the One (tags)

This article can be found on the web at

all my thoughts (by:mkj) plz come here daveman and all (tags)

ill just type myself to sleep lol hahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahah

I Got Spammed By Warmongers From LA- 2000 Miles Away! (tags)

2000 miles away from LA, I got spammed by the prowar crowd. This is indicative of desperation. Please Go down there and mock them for me.

Hey anyone remember Inglewood? (tags)

Finnally independant people can hear my story.

Friends of KPFK Spouts More Lies and Half Truths (tags)

A couple days ago I tried sending a nasty letter to the "Friends of KPFK" and instead of a reply, I got put on their mailing list. This morning I got an e-mail from them villifying the interim Pacifica Board for searching for a new Executive Director. Here's an analyis followed by the names and phone numbers of some people you can call about this nonsense. The Friends of KPFK propoganda is in quotes, and my analysis is not.

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