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The Year Ahead (tags)


Big Lies Launch Lawless Wars (tags)


Freedom or Fascism (tags)


Obama Planning War on Syria? (tags)


Beating Up on Russia (tags)


Reported Iranian Nuclear Deal: Hold the Cheers (tags)


Syrian Opposition in Disarray (tags)


Obama’s Blood and The Forbidden Truths (tags)

"The latest media furor was over videotaped remarks from Obama’s former minister, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. The bloodhounds were soon barking and snipping at Obama’s heels demanding a renunciation of the pastor’s words."

Why does Obama hate Iran, support Israel?? (tags)

Both Democrats/Republicans appear eager for a U.S. military conflict with Iran, citing Iran's imaginary nuclear program as prime reason, while land in North America (Newe Sogobia, NV, NTS) remains a nuclear weapons testing site & nuclear waste dump under U.S. military occupation. Hypocrisy anyone??

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