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Scientology Cult Targets Haiti for Slave Labor (tags)

The Scientology organization has increasingly targeted poor countries such as Haiti in its recruitment efforts. Why would this money-hungry crime-cult be interested in one of the world's poorest countries? The answer: Because they want to bring Haitians in to the USA on "religious worker" visas to serve as unpaid laborers.

Actor Cary Elwes speaks for U'wa Indians (tags)

Actor Cary Elwes speaks to a crowd of 1000 demanding that presidential candidate Al Gore urge Occidental Petroleum Corporation, in which Gore has up to one million dollars in shares, to abort their plans to drill on U'wa Indian territory. The U'wa demand that Oxy not drill on their traditional territory in the cloud forest of Colombia and have threatened mass suicide if Oxy does drill. Los Angeles, CA August 14, 2000 Copyright 2000 Dang Ngo. Free for use by nonprofit, anti-corporate globalization organizations and for personal use. All other rights reserved.

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