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radical teen cheer

March 15: 10,000 Protest Iraq War in Los Angeles (tags)

People in Los Angeles Join Global Day of Action to Stop the War

ALL OUT: March 15 Mass Protest in LA (tags)

Join Thousands to Protest the War on its 5th Anniversary - Stop the War NOW!

The Radical Teen Cheerleaders (tags)

"We're teens, we're cute, we're radical to boot We're angry, we're tough, and we have had enough Are we straight? Are we queer? We're just tired of ignorant fear We're diverse and we're proud, no one's going to keep us down!" -- Radical Teen Cheer

Radical Teen Cheer (tags)


Radical Teen Cheer at the Westwood protest 4-9-04 (tags)

A short video

HELP! Old guard radical cheerleaders need contact info for "Radical Teen Cheer"! (tags)

we are working on a cd documentary project and a book about our radical cheerleading movement and need to get in touch with LA squads.

M30 Mass March and Rally (tags)

A report from todays powerful march and rally.

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