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Tor: If it can be done to me, it can be done to you (tags)

Recent experiences with someone being able to hack into Tor. Seeking techie input!

US-Led NATO's War on Humanity (tags)


Putin on Ukraine (tags)


Police State Ukraine (tags)


Venezuelan v. US Budget Priorities (tags)


Happy Birthday Lynne (tags)

Lynne Stewart

VIDEO: Joseph Stiglitz' "Freefall" on BookTV (tags)

"Incentives matter. Short-sighted behavior on an annual basis involved excessive risk taking. `Too big to fail' is ersatz capitalism socializing losses.

The Will of the People Was NOT Expressed In This Election (tags)

On November 3rd, George Bush called up the newly elected Republican senators who believe in such things as the death penalty for abortion providers and banning gays from teaching and said: “It’s time to get the job done.” Capitalism personified, Bush told the press “Let me put it to you this way: I earned political capital in the campaign and now I intend to spend it”. He is full of himself—on a mission to take this whole nightmare to an even more intense, more repressive level.

Do You Want To Stop Yucca Mountain? (tags)

take action!

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