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conventional armed forces

I don't want Russia and China marching arm in arm (tags)

We should also take a step back and look at somewhat longer horizons, not just the moment - the aim must be to win Russia back as a partner. One sentence by Egon Bahr remains true: "Without or against Russia, there will simply be no peaceful future on this continent."

The Ukraine-Russia conflict (tags)

"The West must negotiate with Russia" NATO should also agree to talk about a new European security architecture if Russia is also willing to agree to de-escalating and confidence-building measures in the relationship with Ukraine."

US Escalates Confrontation with Russia (tags)


Ukraine on the Boil: Washington Prepares for Greater War (tags)


Nuland at Brookings (tags)


George Soros' Predatory Worldview (tags)


Washington's Dirty Game (tags)


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