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Alternative Journalism: Julio Carreras discovered the misleading maneuver of the PP (tags)

Periodistadigital, an average parasite, dedicated to clonar information (but only of liberal and facist newspapers), it today publishes (23 of June of 2005) this news:


This is an interesting analysis of Billionaire finanical predator, George Soros, and his covert funding and sponsorship of the pro-establisment "Peace movement" in the USA. Soros' empire not only has its tentacles in the Peace movement but also in the (cough, cough)"Alternative" media outlets which have desperately tried to downplay and smear any questioning of US government sponsorship/involvement in 9-11 as "conspiracy theory." Soros has also provided funding to Indymedia(!) with its contribution to LA Indymedia during the protests at the Democratic Party convention in 2000.

Alternative Journalism: Seattle to LA (tags)

An interview with IMC veteran Dan Merkle, detailing how the revolution is being televised, web cast, radio'd, filmed, and printed by 18 new Indepedent Media Centers around the world.

Alternative Journalism- Seattle to L.A. (tags)

Dan Merkle is one of the organizers of the original Independent Media Center in Seattle. He graciously took the time to respond, via email, to a list of questions regarding the thoughts behind creating the IMC and the process of creating it.

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