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Putin: The Preeminent World Leader (tags)


The Hazards of Statins (tags)

a litany of negative consequences of statins

Video: Republican Theme Song - Nothing Really Matters and The Fear Economy (tags)

Thanks to House Speaker John Boehner and his Republican caucus, the "Do-Nothing Congress" was so awful this year that I decided it deserved its own theme song. I had fun putting together this video—which also calls out some uplifting wins MoveOn members and other progressives were able to achieve this year

Market Euphoria During Troubled Times (tags)


US Economy: Troubled or All's Well? (tags)


The New Normal: Economic Weakness and Decline (tags)

class war

Clinton said he authorized the CIA to kill bin Laden (tags)

So the President is allowed to order hit men to kill people just like Mafia Dons are??? Clinton said he authorized the CIA to kill bin Laden, and even "contracted with people to kill him." I am going to reread my constitution to see which part allows that.

Hard Landing of the Dollar (tags)

The decline of the US dollar signals the economic weakness of the superpower and the structural crisis of capitalism. Since 1985 the US has become heavily indebted fo foreign countries. This foreign indebtedness amounts to 35 percent of the GDP.

Our weakness is all encompasing (tags)

Rachel Corey and the legacy she left.

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