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Pat Schwind's Strategic Edge (tags)

Pat Schwind's Strategic Edge

3rd Radical Mycology Convergence Callout! (tags)

The Radical Mycology Convergence is a unique gathering of mycologists, mushroom enthusiasts, and Earth stewards coming together to share skills and information on the numerous benefits of the fungal kingdom for humans and the planet. The RMC is a multiple-day long event consisting of workshops, presentations, and various projects using fungi and other organisms to remediate & restore damaged environments.

midnight special bookstore (tags)

just got this email -- please forward

New email list for LA anarchists (tags)

Information about a new email list.

Peace Vigil For George Bush (tags)

Tuesday Peace Vigil for George Bush

New anti-authoritarian anti-war network (tags)

New email list for anti-authoritarians against war

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