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Opinion: What the brewing interstate travel wars over abortion portend (tags)

The Supreme Court seems ready to undo Roe v. Wade, the landmark case recognizing the right to choose abortion, in a matter of weeks, and blue as well as red states are already preparing for what might be coming next: a conflict between states seeking to facilitate out-of-state travel for abortion and those trying to shut it down.

Animal Rights Victories Worldwide (tags)

Victories in animal and plant rights worldwide.. involving veganism, cancellation of lab testing, etc.

Thoughts and Theses on the Corona Exceptional State (tags)

The state of emergency threatens to become the normal state - Maximum vigilance is now required to ensure that the new state of emergency does not gradually normalize and that the authoritarian turnaround does not become entrenched.

Animal Rights Victories Around The World (tags)

The world is becoming kinder faster than the speed of light

Israel Bans Free Expression (tags)


Russian Travel Blacklist: Critics Ignore Their Own Policies (tags)


Tempe City Council bans homeless??? (tags)

Tempe City Council bans homeless???

Kerry owns assault rifleDespite pushing for bans (tags)

Despite pushing for bans against so-called assault weapons, Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry now admits he owns a "Communist Chinese assault rifle.''

DEA Bans Poppy Seed Foods (tags)

(It's a joke, in case you could not tell.)

The Shortwave Report 2/9/01 Listen to the world! (tags)

30 minutes of news and opinion pieces recorded from a shortwave radio. New show every 2 weeks. (13.6mb) This edition features Radio Netherlands, Deutsche Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Spain, China Radio Int, and the Voice of Russia. Free to rebroadcast, please notify. Also times and frequencies for listening on your own. LISTEN GLOBALLY!

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