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enabling law

Venezuelan Anti-Imperialist Enabling Law (tags)


Fact Check on Venezuela's Economy (tags)


Vilifying Venezuela's Maduro (tags)


Banking in Venezuela (tags)

responsible banking

Last Chance for Venezuela's Revolution? (tags)

The pulse of the revolution grows faint. Extreme measures are needed, since the extremely poor living conditions of most Venezuelans demand it. They are tired of the government taking half actions. Tired of the same super-rich oligarchy dominating the economy, which creates the horrendous inequality that overshadows Venezuelan society. If the revolution is not quickly pushed to the left, it will be strangled by the right. For all the positive things Chavez has accomplished as President, he is in danger of becoming another Salvador Allende -- a martyr whose death ushered in a right-wing dictatorship.

Chavez Given Enabling Law Power (tags)

legal in Venezuela

Corporate Media Bash New Chavez New Enabling Law Decrees (tags)

Corporate media denigrate Venezuelan democracy.

BBC: Imperial Tool (tags)

People confuse what BBC reports with news.

Ritual Gloating Postmortems - The Corporate Media v. Hugo Chavez (tags)

Relentless media bashing of Hugo Chavez.

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