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SAG-AFTRA video game performers on strike (tags)

In the early morning of Friday, the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) announced a strike against a dozen video game entertainment corporations, including Electronic Arts Productions, Inc., Disney Character Voices, Inc. and Warner Brothers Games, Inc.

Israel Detonates Dirty Bombs Near Palestinian Bedouin Communities (tags)


Market Euphoria: The Mother of All Ponzi Schemes (tags)


Washington's Bloated Defense Budget (tags)


Making the World Safe for War Profiteers (tags)


Three things nobody can avoid: Death, taxes and corporate lies (tags)

Dozens of the biggest corporations in the U.S. paid no taxes in years in which they racked up huge profits — taxes paid by Corporate America are so low that individuals account for eight times more in tax revenue than businesses.

Trillions Stashed in Tax Havens (tags)

grand theft

Duplicitous Mortgage Settlement Deal (tags)

class war

America's Racist Drug Laws (tags)


Banker Occupation of Greece (tags)

financial terrorism

Fukushima Elevated to Level 7 (tags)

nuclear disaster

Funding Israeli Militarism, Belligerence and Occupation (tags)

funding Israel's war on Palestinian civilians

Gaza One Year Later (tags)

occupied under siege and oppressed

A UN Special Focus on Gaza Under Siege (tags)

Israel's slow motion genocide

Argentine court throws out jail time for pot smokers! (tags)

Argentine court throws out jail time for marijuana smokers! They didn't legalize drugs like Mexico did last Friday, but it is a step in the right direction!

Mexico legalizes drug use (tags)

Mexico Legalizes Drug Possession for “personal use” ! People detained with small quantities no longer face criminal prosecution when the law goes into effect today.

Exposing Bush Administration Corruption (tags)

corruption goes right to the top.

Peak Oil - True or False (tags)

Both sides of the peak oil argument.

Congress Sanctions Biggest Public Land Giveaway in US History (tags)

Corporations and developers have become so over-empowered by this administration that they don't believe they should have to buy land - it should just be GIVEN to them. And thanks to creeps like Richard Pombo, they are getting what they want.

Freedom’s Bell & Iraq’s Smoking Guns (tags)

1. Weapons-grade plutonium 2. Biological weapons 3. Chemical warheads 4. Al Qaeda links 5. Terror toxins 6. Salman Pak What else is there? What else matters? The doubters no longer have a shred of evidence to support their case against forcefully removing Saddam Hussein from power.

Sudanese People In War Fueled By China and It's National Petroleum Corporation (tags)

Read Paul Hays, Learn what Cable News Network Refuses to Even Consider Newsworthy. CNN brings you 1,000 hours about Montesinos, Quackery in Durban and Apologists for a declaration of war on the most important economic engine in the world: namely New York City.

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