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an inquiry

Adam Smith as Philanthropist (tags)

The market can only fulfill its technical function when its rules and mechanisms are politically fixed and governmentally monitored...Adam Smith's theory has nothing to do with neoliberals and market radicals who preach the sleek state, low taxes for businesses and low wages.

Competition Ideology and Power Reality (tags)

Competition cannot be an end-in-itself. Uncontrolled private power leads to misuse. Uncontrolled competition increasingly destroys itself through concentration and centralization processes. Bastard Keynesianism helps the banks. People diverted from real cause of crises

El capitalismo, ¿Riesgo o Usura? (tags)

¿Son las ganancias una recompensa al riesgo del inversor, o simplemente el resultado de la usura y de las condiciones que se ve obligado a aceptar el trabajador?

GMO Disease Epidemics: AIDS (tags)

Genetic Engineering (GE,GM,GMOs) is a nightmare technology that has already caused MANY disease epidemics -- documented but unpublicized. This is the 15th in a series revealing the epidemics, dealing here with a plague that has already killed 25 million people -- AIDS.

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