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intelligence authorization act

Unconstitutional Senate Intelligence Authorization Act (tags)

police state

Congress Authorizes Unlimited Spying on US Citizens (tags)

police state

Waging War on Leaks (tags)

police state

Fake Terror on Congress Last Week- Patriot II Next Week (tags)

Last Thursday air traffic controllers guided a plane near the Reagan Memorial Event, but they did not tell the security on the ground, who thought it was a terrorist attack. Cops were screaming, "run, run run!" and had some members of Congress, the Supreme Court and even Rupert Murdoch running for their lives. 'Someone' intentionally created this terror scare for Congress- how do we know? Because the FAA spokesman was caught in an outright lie. Hundreds of people were terrorized for no reason.... well there may be a reason, but the FAA knew the plane was not a threat.

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