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Netanyahu Unleashes Settler Violence, Targets Palestinian Hospitals and Patients (tags)


Israel Murders Palestinians with Impunity (tags)


The Ghost of Ariel Sharon (tags)


Palestinians and Israelis: Unequal Treatment (tags)


Israeli Violence on International Women's Day (tags)


Israeli security cabinet cancels "third phase" of Gaza attack (tags)

Obama's warning and too many Israeli body bags did the trick

ART OF WAR: Dreams of Muhammad (tags)

IN MEMORY OF THE PALESTINIAN BOYS KILLED BY ISRAEL. These Palestinian boys were gunned down, often by Israeli snipers from fortified positions, that picked them out of the crowd, using high power rifles with telescopic lenses and silencers, who shot these boys in the heart, in the head. They were among the more than 140 Palestinians who were killed during the first month the intifada; killed before there were any suicide bombings in Israel, killed for daring to throw rocks at Israeli tanks, killed for wanting their FREEDOM!

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