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Putin escalates: How should we react now? (tags)

The U.S. government wants to make the country independent of China. In no other area are the efforts to "decouple" (decoupling) as clear and unambiguous as in high technologies, especially in the (alleged) future fields of battery technology and high-performance chips. Matthias Becker

On the Scandinavian Model (tags)

The Scandinavian model could help us find our way to social compromise and true security through investments in education and apprenticeships. Has our wealth blinded us to alternatives and encouraged our altered state of paralysis, insecurity and fear?

US boycott of products from countries against war? (tags)

After a long succession of nasty diplomatic slips by US diplomats, there is now talk of a US boycott of products from countries that do not want to be part of the coalition of the willing.. Published 2/14/03 in Telepolis

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