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April 25 Updates on Palestine From (tags)

Images from Jenin News Summary From IMC-PALESTINE:April 25: Latest News from Palestine

Palestine, Iraq, Cuba and Venezuela--What's Oil Got to Do With It? (tags)

The politics of the covert oil war, 2002 AD By: Lee Siu Hin April 23, 2002

(Activism Stuff...well it's news to you!) What’s L.A Got to Do With It? (tags)

The precedents have been set-from Seattle to D.C. to Minneapolis to Philadelphia-police brutality of American citizens voicing dissent from a government which lacks accountability and engages in undemocratic processes has been silently supported by state, local and federal authorities. The mainstream media has demonstrated it's concern for 1st Amendment rights by ignoring the injustice. All of this is necessary to support the continued repression of the voice of reason. We will not be silenced.

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