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Above the Law (tags)

The business sector of the U.S. — particularly the giant corporations that dominate our economy — literally regard themselves as above the law. Not only do they pay millions of dollars in legal bribes to politicians under the guise of “campaign contributions” to gain legislation that makes them BILLIONS in additional profits, they merrily disregard existing laws on issues ranging from labor to the environment to health and safety and paying their taxes. And a U.S. population brainwashed by decades of Right-wing propaganda extolling the private sector and the “free market” as good, efficient and honest — and damning the public sector as ineffective and hopelessly corrupt — has led most Americans to see government, not corporations, as their real enemy.

Un presunto plagio del Instituto Federal Electoral (México) (tags)

La autoría del spot con el que el IFE invitaba a los ciudadanos a empadronarse es cuestionado por un estudiante, cuyo cortometraje salió antes; tiene a un luchador por protaginista y como tema la credencial de elector

Ecuador-Lucio Gutierrez opens a new revolutionary stage (tags)


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