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L'échelle de Kardashev (tags)

Contre toute autorité...

Donald Trump Makes Ukraine's Enemies List (tags)


Vie de l'argent (tags)

Il n'y a que la vie de l'argent...

Paraphysique de sémantique générale (tags)

Le spectacle de la contestation n'est pas la contestation du spectacle...

L'échelle de Kardashev (tags)


Information et désinformation (tags)

L ' information et la désinformation qui s ' interpénètrent sont le déficit informationnel ...

Could Americans vote for a French President? (tags)

John Kerry very much sound like a French politician. He has the same superior and rather snobbish look typical of French high civil servant. Kerry is brilliant but one never knows what it means. He is flipflopping all the time. Kerry would be worst than French appeasers and French socialists.

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