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The Military-Industrial Complex is the Greatest Threat for World Peace (tags)

Fighting the dominant culture of war that is promoted by all the media justifications of war and war propaganda is vital. This culture must be decoded as misanthropic and shattered. Building a culture of peace is the project of the century.

America: The World's Greatest Threat (tags)


US Joint Chiefs Chairman Nominee Irresponsibly Calls Russia America's "Greatest Threat" (tags)


US-Led NATO: Humanity's Greatest Threat (tags)


America: Humanity's Greatest Threat (tags)


The Republican Candidate (4 and 5) (tags)

If this is a subject of interest to you, in the United States today there are five Cuban prisoners, separated one from the other by thousands of miles. They have no area that can be sarcastically called the “Hanoi Hilton”. Their suffering and the injustice of which they are victims will be known the world over; don't doubt it for a minute

The Real Reconquista (tags)

Race Supremacy is the Greatest Threat to the USA!

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