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Ed Lee, Occupy SF and the Triumph of the Frisco 5 (tags)

Ed Lee as mayor of San Francisco quickly changed from a progressive to an agent of repression

Ed Boks is a Menace to the Taxpayers and the Animals of Los Angeles! (tags)

Ed Boks is an incompetent liar. I cannot believe he has not been fired. If he were running a public corporation, he would be out by now.

Please take a moment to sign the petition to FIRE Ed Boks! (tags)

Ed Boks is the General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS). Ed Boks pretends to care about converting LAAS into a no-kill system of sheltering, but all that he has done is cost the TAXPAYERS of Los Angeles their hard-earned MONEY, with his questionable programs and undocumented spending.

Ed Koch's New Years Resolutions (tags)

The former NYC mayor's resolutions for the coming year

Not In Our Name - Ed Asner (tags)

LA Not In Our Name - Ed Asner Speaking

Ed Asmer talks to Leonard Weinglass about the judge Mumia's appeal is before (tags)

Ed Asner talks to Leonard Weinglass about Mumia's appeal and the judge who is hearing it.

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