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Call to the Peoples of México to Organize the Revocation of the Presidency of Felipe Calde (tags)

"This crisis brings into question the future of the Mexican Nation and it’s people. In this political scheme by the grand capitalists, domestic and foreign, we lack hope. The Mexican people do not have a place in this world of neoliberal globalization except as pariahs and a disposable labor force. Given these circumstances, we need a patriotic transformation and a democratization of the political system, the economy and the culture that can confront this deep crisis of our country and the problems of the Mexican people. We need a transformation that will push out the bourgeois oligarchy and the political class that governs the state and the imperialist domain of Mexico. There is a need to construct a new majority that includes all of the patriotic forces that will install a new government and a new state. A new majority that is capable of taking back control and the property of the productive forces and strategic resources of the nation, and also able to guarantee sustainable development, social justice, national sovereignty, the autonomy of the indigenous pueblos and the practice of popular democracy."

Marco A. Murillo, torturador de PEMEX, denuncia UNTyPP ante Derechos Humanos (tags)

Queremos hacer de su conocimiento que se nos está coartando el derecho de asociación, el derecho de reunión, la libertad de expresión, la libertad de estar informados y de informar, el derecho a una vida digna, el derecho a comer y el derecho a la salud.

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