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Astonishment. The Beginning and End of Theology (tags)

Happy are those who can still cry in this world. Happy are those who dare to be defenseless. Happy are those who know and recognize their poverty. Only they are capable of truth, peace and common interests. These words refute everything served up to us as true.

Is Spain indeed a dress rehearsal for the 2004 election? (tags)

This train terrorist attack has the smear of another 'Al Kiduh' attack even without the clumsy salting of evidence ( god [b]less america!!) and the history of FBI directives not to investigate(CIA?) this world wide terrible terrorist terror. Anthrax.....yawn..( remember, it could have been anyone of us that displeased this administration and nothing from them. People died. Feel safe yet?)

Tell Alhambra to Support the Strikers (tags)

Support strikers in the SGV. There's a resolution up at the Alhambra City Council tonight that needs your bodily support.

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