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PA Officials Support Israeli Brutality (tags)


Abbas Intends Extending Sham Peace Talks (tags)


Ghost Village Beitin (tags)


Netanyahu Plans More War (tags)


Palestinians Living in Firing Zones (tags)


Israel's Sham Democracy (tags)

democracy in name only

Israel's Ofra Settlement on Unauthorized Palestinian Land (tags)

more Israeli land theft

Under Likud, illegal outposts received NIS 70 million to Build ....on Palestinian Land (tags)

The Housing Ministry allocated at least NIS 70 million to build infrastructure and erect public structures in 82 illegal outposts in the West Bank during the prime ministerial terms of Benjamin Netanyahu (1996-1999) and Ariel Sharon (2001-2004), Haaretz has learned from an appendix to attorney Talia Sasson's report on the outposts.

The Truth About How Israel Screws Over The Palestinians (tags)

The Israeli Government maintains a "Matrix Of Control" over the 3 million Muslim And Christian Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. In most areas they cannot get an Israeli Military "building permit". When they do build a home anyway, it gets bulldozed

Group Contests Casino Owned by Extremist Backer (tags)

While U.S. Treasury officials scour financial records worldwide to stop funds donated by wealthy Arabs from flowing to radical Islamist groups, a small group of U.S. citizens is trying to shut down a major source of funding for Jewish extremists in Israel and the occupied territories.

The end of Zionism (tags)

Wave good by to Zionism, Ned and Clara.

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