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Confirmed: ‘Wyatt Earp’ losing War in Iraq (tags)

Is anyone surprised? When first we heard the simplistic binary logic of “wanted dead or alive” or “you're either with us or with the terrorists” and “mission accomplished” (no connection to the real world whatsoever); WE KNEW IT WOULD BE A DISASTER. Many intelligent articles were written at that time sounding a warning, testifying to the fact – peruse this site and read for yourselves! But let’s not stop with the above lest it HAPPEN AGAIN; the moronic comment of Wolfowitz, that the Iraqi people would welcome invaders with “bouquets of flowers”, signals either total lunacy or the worst criminal liar of all time? Not to be outdone by Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld offers his ‘poetry of insanity’ for idiots and Americans, quatrains of pathology expressed in the ‘known-unknown-knowns’ of criminal deception. Not to be excluded from the unadulterated INSANITY and INCOMPETENCE is the war-whore herself, Condoleezza (status quo) Rice, of Lebanon infamy who believes that peace equates with war!


People can lose 1. Professional liscenses. 2. The right to attend and study at state-funded and managed schools. 3. Scholarships. 4. Several other categories such as drivers liscenses. SOURCE: FIREFIGHTERS PENSION OFFICES ON CHURCH STREET IN DECATUR. Many of these laws, if enforced are very strict.They can destroy hopes.Try to develop hobbies and interests that affirm and support your lives.

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