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Former Police State Leader/Wanted Man Appointed Ukrainian Governor (tags)


Ukraine's Latest Big Lie (tags)


Georgia's Saakashvili (tags)

police state

In Saakashvili's Georgia, the Bloom Is Off the Rose (tags)


Why the MSM Can't Tell The Truth About Georgia (tags)

"From Tbilisi to Teheran" Heightens Suspicions of Motive in Georgian Crisis Since the attacks by Georgia which sparked the fighting (which, alone, suggests Georgia had been promised the support of a larger power) took place on the day that the last two US carrier groups started for the Strait of Hormuz, it would appear that one motive (besides the pipelines from the Caspian which rival the new ones the US built in Afghanistan) appears to be tying up and/or demonizing Russia, in order to minimize its response to US/Israeli Aggression towards Iran. The following article from the Jerusalem Post appears to support this, as does the US/Israeli line seen today, as well as the willingness of the bulk of the Western press to so horribly misrepresent this conflict.

Saakashvili goes to US (tags)

For a little rest

Using Georgia to Target Russia (tags)

Welcome to the new Cold War and Great Game

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