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Political Whore Alert: Frist fingered as Extortionist (tags)

William Frist (R. Tenn.) has been subpoenaed by the SEC and now faces three counts of criminal indictment for fraud and insider trading. Noted Republican from Tennessee William Frist was subpoenaed two weeks ago by the SEC (reference documents linked to the HCA Inc. which involve a loan of 1.4 million dollars and the sale of his HCA Inc. stock aka a tip from his brother who is a director of HCA Inc.)

Media Release: Former ELF Spokesperson Subpoenaed to Grand Jury:Protest Set (tags)

The "Green Scare" Continues...

Subpoenaed: three Americans re: Colombian Bombin (tags)

[ and you'll be glad to know DYNCORP was the mercenary group subcontracted by the Pentagon ] Authorities have subpoenaed three Americans to testify about the Colombian air force's bombing of a small town in 1998, which killed 17 civilians and injured more than 30....

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