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Mañana (3.4.): Show de radio internacional anarquista en vivo (14:00-18:00) (tags)

El domingo 3 de abril de 2016, los 17 proyectos presentes en el 2o Encuentro Internacional de proyectos de radio anarquistas y antiautoritarios en Berlín tendrán un show en viveo de 4 horas, que podrá ser escuchado en vivo por medio de un livestream (veásen los enlaces abajo).

Tomorrow (3.4.): International Live Anarchist Radio Broadcast (2-6pm CET) (tags)

On Sunday, the 3rd of April 2016, the 17 projects of the International Gathering of Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Radios that is taking place in Berlin, Germany, will do a 4 hour live radio broadcast that can be listen to through an online stream (links below!).

Video: Super Amigos (2007), 1 hr 15 min (tags)

Reality begins when we all begin to believe. Enjoy this free movie that could inspire us to bring hope and possibility in our late-capitalist cul-de-sac. Housing, health care and education should be human rights, not private privileges.

Calderon Inaugurated As Mexican President, Lucha Libre Style (tags)

Like a play from a Mexican wrestling match, Felipe Calderon ascended to Mexico’s Presidency lucha libre style.

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