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The other side of the truth (tags)

Without U.S. President Obama's breach of international law eight years ago, Putin's illegal military invasion probably would not have happened... It is time to stop settling for half-truths from one side or the other and tell the story of the conflict in a complete and balanced way.

Europe's Conquest by the US (tags)

The US and NATO have troops at the Russian border. Russia has no troops at the US borders with Canada and Mexico. Who staged the 2014 coup in the Ukraine? Who promised Gorbatchev there would be no NATO expansion to the East? Who is the stabilizer and who is the destabilizer?

Ukraine's Whitewashed Odessa Massacre Report (tags)


Ukraine: Coup Plotters Consolidate Power (tags)


Unconditional Surrender in Ukraine (tags)


Scoundrel Media War on Ukraine (tags)


Washington's Dirty Game (tags)


Russian Ukrainian Aid v. US/EU Neoliberal Harshness (tags)


Western Officials Collaborating Against Ukraine's Government (tags)


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