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New York Times-Style Journalism (tags)


Arab League Pro-Western Despots (tags)


Dissing Europe's Flawed Bailout Scheme (tags)

class war

Doubts About Gaddafi's Reported Assassination (tags)


Making Sense of Syria (tags)


Abbas Feeling Heavy-Handed Pressure (tags)


Netanyahu and Obama Spurn Peace (tags)


Obama and Netanyahu to Palestinians on Statehood: Go to Hell (tags)


Imperial Arrogance and Hypocrisy (tags)

state terrorism

Planned Peacekeeper Occupation of Libya (tags)


The "Palestine Papers" Revealed (tags)

treachery revealed

UN Peacekeepers Complicit in Sex Trade (tags)

peacekeepers are predatory

Paid Lying: What Passes for Major Media Journalism (tags)

state of today's major media

Goldstone Commission Gaza Conflict Findings and Reactions (tags)

Goldstone accuses Israel of war crimes

THE YOKE OF ZION [The Fallout from Lebanon] - by Israel Shamir (tags)

Why the war? Leave small details to a future Plutarch; this is another round of battle for Palestine. Supported and supplied by their captive empire, the US, the Jews had all the weapons, all the ammunition, all the diplomatic support, when hubris-drunk they drove into disarmed and starved Gaza to kill off its last resisters and impose the Yoke of Zion. Who would disturb the lion of Judah roaring at his prey? And a tiny force from the Mount Lebanon said: we will. They attacked the all-powerful Jews; the hobbit pierced the sinew of Nazgul as he stooped to kill. The Israeli army roused from its prey turned north and lashed with all its might at the Hezbollah fighters. But they stood fast.

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