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Plunder less and do more to preserve the one world (tags)

It is downright absurd that in our latitudes, half a century after "Limits to Growth" and a cascade of catastrophic ecological reports, every dip in economic growth rates is perceived as negative, even dramatic. Immediately shore up, revive, that's what politicians and the media agree on.

The other side of the truth (tags)

Without U.S. President Obama's breach of international law eight years ago, Putin's illegal military invasion probably would not have happened... It is time to stop settling for half-truths from one side or the other and tell the story of the conflict in a complete and balanced way.

Washington and Kiev Want War, not Peace (tags)


Munich's March to War with Russia (tags)


Soros and Yatsenyuk: Partners in Crime (tags)

police state

Putin on Ukraine's Sham Election (tags)


US Threatens Russia (tags)


Heightened US/Russian Tensions (tags)


Escalating East/West Tensions (tags)


Ukraine: Shaky Truce with Consequences (tags)


Response 2 SNWA; NO Water Theft 4 Developers! (Part 2) (tags)

part 2

Suspected Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Outbreak Hits Ukraine (tags)

Ukraine situation may head everywhere

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