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Oxfam Study: Six Reasons to be Outraged (tags)

Whether inequality harms or benefits was disputed for a long while. It could motivate individuals to more effort and stimulate growth, one side believed. It takes the chances for education and development from those who are poorer, the other said... Money buys power.

Janet Yellen's Storytime (tags)

The US economy is not picking up speed, wages are not rising and the situation on the labor market has not improved... The world economy did not get going again after the greatest wealth redistribution in the history of humanity.

Misguided Calls for More QE (tags)


Obama Nominates Three Fed Governors (tags)


AIPAC's Federal Reserve Vice Chairman (tags)


Bracing for An Eventual Day of Reckoning (tags)


Former Fed Official Apologizes (tags)


Yellen's Fed Assures Business As Usual (tags)


Bernanke Stays the Course (tags)


Janet Yellen Likely New Fed Chairwoman: Hold the Cheers (tags)

class war

Fear of the Great Depression (tags)

The acute danger exists of a self-reinforcing downward spiral from deflation, increasing debts and new problems in the financial sector..Degenerate banks must be closed by the state in a controlled way. Politics must try to reduce the uncertainties of consumers.

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