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Formeer Mossad Head Blasts Netanyahu (tags)


Reinvented Scoundrel Media History (tags)


Obama Heads to Israel (tags)


Netanyahu: The Mouth that Roars (tags)


NAM Leaders Support Iran (tags)


The geopolitics of the Syrian uprising/insurgency (tags)

The continuing mass uprising against Syria’s Bashar Assad dictatorship on the one hand, and the growing intervention by the reactionary Gulf monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, along with Turkey, on the side of the growing armed insurgency on the other, has led to a situation where many on the left are sharply divided over who to “support”.

Anatomy of Racism (tags)

Since Israel could not legally or morally defend its slaughter in Gaza, following months of illegal Collective Punishment, they took to Blaming the Victim, aided by the tightly-controlled media. However, in doing so, the racism underlying their violent, Cultish political Ideology was exposed.

Anatomy of Racism (tags)

History will not look kindly on those who Appeased Zionism's Extremists, as they pursued a course of eliminating an entire People.

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