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America's War on Palestine (tags)


Hard Truths in Occupied Palestine Media Scoundrels Ignore (tags)


Ignored Root Cause of Occupied Palestine Violence (tags)


Recognizing Palestinian Self-Determination (tags)


Ray McGovern Brutally Arrested (tags)

police state

Rebuilding Gaza (tags)


Harper in Israel (tags)


Israeli West Bank Annexation Bill (tags)


99% of House joins 100% of Senate in Supporting Israel with HRes34 (tags)

On January 9, 2009, one day after the fascist US Senate voted 100% to support US/Israel terrorism in Gaza with Senate Resolution 10, the House of Representatives, with House Resolution 34, voted 99% to support the same genocide with only 5 No votes. Democrat Barbara Lee did NOT vote No; she played around in the “Present” pool, inexcusable in the face of genocide perpetrated with $15 million a day from the American taxpayers.

Israel's Extremists Plotting Nuclear Strike (tags)

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