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The West Must Take the First Steps to Russia (tags)

Russia acts out of a strategic defensive and does not pursue an aggressive, expansive policy. It will defend itself against a policy of Nato that sees it as aggressive... That Nato is willing to rethink must be one of the visible signs.

Europe's Conquest by the US (tags)

The US and NATO have troops at the Russian border. Russia has no troops at the US borders with Canada and Mexico. Who staged the 2014 coup in the Ukraine? Who promised Gorbatchev there would be no NATO expansion to the East? Who is the stabilizer and who is the destabilizer?

Post-Minsk Russia Bashing (tags)


Anti-Russan Sanctions Wars Continue (tags)


Bashing Real Democracy (tags)


NYT Russia Bashing Stench (tags)


Cold War 2.0 (tags)


Fake Donetsk Letter Circulating (tags)


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