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overcoming zionism

Renouncing Judaism (tags)


Israel v. Palestine: MSM Unreported Truths (tags)


Steven Salaita's Academic Lynching (tags)


Israel's Deplorable Human Rights Record (tags)


Anti-Zionism Isn't Anti-Semitism (tags)


We're All Gazans Now (tags)


Yitzhak Shamir's Criminal Legacy (tags)


Israel's Rogue Killing Machine (tags)


Israeli State Terror Belies Wanting Peace (tags)


Eretz Yisrael: Lawless, Corrupt and Dysfunctional (tags)


Pro-Zionism - Defending the Indefensible (tags)

exposing Zionism

A Short History of the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict: Past Is Prologue (tags)

Israel chooses violence

Evil or Devine? - The King has Risen in Comic Book Fictions (tags)

Evil or Devine? 106 burglars, 28 armed robbers, 12 embezzlers, 5 convicted rapists, among many others the bush regime brought under the bushite fold in 2007 alone, to commit further war crimes against Humanity for the escaping evil, neocon enemies. Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness. Murder, rape, and the thieving of billions from America as STILL wrong.

God Damn the Corporate News American (tags)

I DEMAND a public debate with Americans on the FACT that George Walker Bush is a war criminal.

Support Our Demands For Open Communications (tags)

CNN "We've learned so much this week." Support my demands for US to arrest CNN, CBC, CTV, and the BBC news producers, for consciously forbidding American families from knowing, scientifically, mercury causes brain damage to YOUR child, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time.

Rosh Hashana Message: Celebrate Jewish Glasnost! (tags)

Despite a Backlash, Many Jews Are Questioning Israel

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