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Covert wars in the shadow of international law (tags)

In the years between the end of the Cold War in 1991 and 2022, the United States has carried out at least 251 military interventions in almost every country on earth. Going back to 1789, there were a total of 469. In all of these interventions, the United States formally declared war 11 times.

UN Human Rights Council Denounces Israeli War Crimes (tags)


ICC Investigating Israeli War Crimes (tags)


Abbas Signs Rome Statute: Hold the Cheers (tags)


ICC Whitewashes Israeli Mass Murder (tags)


Ukraine: Ground Zero for Possible WW III (tags)


Holding Israel Accountable (tags)


Baluchistan worse than Darfur, I.C.C. told (tags)

Pakistan army generals have been accused of ethnic cleansing in the country's largest state. Hapless Baluch say they can prove their homeland, the size of Texas, was illegally annexed in March 1948.

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