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Yemen Peace Talks Deadlocked (tags)


Israel's Latest Aggression (tags)


Libya in Free Fall (tags)


Conflict in South Sudan (tags)

South Sudan

WaPo Interviews Lavrov (tags)


Anti-Assad Death Squads Responsible for Gas Attack (tags)


Assad Pledges Full Cooperation for Peace (tags)


Obama Invented Pretext for Lawless Aggression (tags)


US, Israeli LIES About Syrian Attack Exposed (tags)

Note how this phony story has taken the place of any real debate on Israel's Act of Aggression, its illegal attack on a sovereign country. So then ... what was the true purpose of this illegal Act of Aggression? This appears to have been a 'back door' attack on Iran, since Syria and Iran have mutual defense agreements. If action isn't taken against the Extremists in the Knesset, they WILL plunge us all into a destructive war, from which we may never recover.

What has happened to the 5 iranians kidnapped by US? (tags)

- As the Western media turns its attention to the fate of 15 Britons detained for allegedly trespassing into Iranian waters over the weekend, the status of five Iranian officials captured in a U.S. military raid on a liaison office in northern Iraq on Jan. 11 remains a mystery.

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