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unjust war

Philippines: The fate of peace in Mindanao hangs in the balance (tags)

Akbayan statement on the video of killing of injured SAF trooper

Lynch mob attacks Ward Churchill for defending fragging in an unjust war (tags)

Continuing the bureaucratic witch-hunt against Ward Churchill, the Internet news media lynch mob attacks Churchill for defending fragging in an unjust war.

People of Iraq: In the Crosshairs of an Unjust War (tags)

A look at the plans for this conquest, a look at how the people of Iraq are targeted by this U.S. invasion force, reveals the truth...and the war that must be stopped.

BARBARA KINGSOLVER: No Glory in Unjust War (tags)

I am somebody's mother, so I will say that now: The issue is, people are getting hurt. We need to take a moment's time out to review the monstrous waste of an endless cycle of retaliation. The biggest weapons don't win this one, guys. When there are people on Earth willing to give up their lives in hatred and use our own domestic airplanes as bombs, it's clear that we can't out-technologize them.

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